Uncover and Reveal Your Unique Vibrant Glow

You are beautiful, both inside and out.  

After 20+ years in the wellness and beauty industry, I have been helping women feel confident and look beautiful.  

 I developed beauty & wellness programs for brides and professional women to both look and feel their best when they need it most.      

As a Professional, Certified  Makeup Artist and Yoga Instructor, Ayurvedic Coach  I draw from my experience and Training to help enhance your inner and outer vibrant glow and unique beauty.  

Using Art, Ayurveda and Application techniques, I create a customized beauty and wellness program leading up to your wedding or special event to help you look radiant and feel confidant!

Our Mission


Our mission and desire is to assist women in their quest to discover or re discover and bring out their true, unique inner vibrant glow.  This vibrant glowing energy lives deep inside all women. Lisa and her team's passion is to help women in reaching down deep inside and reigniting and reinventing their energy in order  to live a more vibrant life. We help to bring this inner vibrance out and up into the light to shine and glow into the world.

We focus on women because Lisa realizes that women affect everyone around them as the caretakers of the world. When a woman is feeling and looking her very best she impacts those around her, influencing them in a positive way.  Therefore, Women have the ability to help bring  light into our society with each person she touches.  

This is our commitment to the World. Vibrant glo Wellness and Vibrant glo Beauty will assist the women of our society in their journey to full on health and beauty inside and out. A healthy woman is a happy woman and as she shares her unique vibrant glow in the world, it will be a better place for all of us to dwell in together as a ripple affect. Our mission is assisting in vibrant glowing health, through our women, for all living in our world!


Below are some of the many training and certification classes I have taken.

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